Destinations/Travel Schedule

Some Things to Know:  

Here’s our schedule for the semester. As long as the weather cooperates – please, Pittsburgh! — we’ll stick to this plan. 

Um, Yes, Weather (and Gear)

Please check the weather before class and dress for the conditions. Wear comfortable shoes, and bring your writing notebook, as well as a camera/phone to take photos and videos. If you have any physical limitations or need assistance in any way, please let me know and I will do my best to help. Many of our destinations are fully accessible, but others may be less so. We’ll work it out together. 


For most of our trips, we’ll have a campus van available. The van holds 12 people. We have more folks than that signed up for the course, and so we will need to figure out some carpooling arrangements as well. We’ll figure this out during our first day of class (tomorrow!). 

Meeting in Class/Departure Times

Our class will always meet on campus first, in 137 McKenna Hall.We’ll depart for our travels at fluctuating times, depending on distance, start times, and more. Please be sure to come to class on time, and, when we are on site, be sure to return to the van or your carpool on time. We’d hate to leave you behind. Also, when on site, be sure to follow all instructions and safety precautions. Your joy, education, and safety are all top priorities.

Syllabus and Readings

Please see the syllabus for course details. The assigned books are available in the campus bookstore (though I think they’re low on the Willa Cather right now). 

Travel Costs

I’ve tried to keep our travel costs very low (in some cases free), but if you’d like to purchase food or any items during our trips, please be sure to bring along some extra funds. I’ve suggested that we all plan to have pizza together on March 23, which will make our class run a little later than usual. We’ll discuss this to make sure that works for everyone. 

Also, bring your student I.D.s and other I.D.s with you if you have them. Many places offer discounts to Pitt students.

Welcome! Here’s to a brilliant semester.


January 12 (campus van/holds 12): either Westmoreland Museum of Art/Greensburg sites or Strip District (weather depending); free

January 26 (van) Maxo Vanka murals in Millvale, $10 (group tour with docent)

February 9 (van) Westmoreland Museum or Strip District  (weather depending), free

February 23 (van) Incline/Pittsburgh steps/Hill District (weather depending); Carnegie Museum of Art ($11.95 student admission)

March 9 : Spring Break!

March 23 (van) – Carrie Furnaces/Braddock ($17 – group tour with Rivers of Steel)/Westinghouse Bridge and Castle; dinner at historic Vincent’s Pizza (opens at 4 p.m., so class would run later) 

April 13 (carpool) City of Asylum/Alphabet City/Randyland/North Side 12:30; free (tour with City of Asylum representative, conversation with writer in exile, meet with Randy)

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